Tendai Marima


Rwanda prepares for general and presidential polls

President Paul Kagame enjoys support before vote that some observers believe is a foregone conclusion.

Humanitarian crises

Zimbabwe floods leave villagers stranded

More than 250 people have been killed so far this rainy season as floods have left remote communities isolated.


New life for South Sudan refugees in Nyumanzi, Uganda

Border town in Uganda where many refugees have found sanctuary and a possibility of a new life.

US Elections 2016

A South African perspective on the US election

"Donald Trump is intent on closing off the world, whereas Hillary Clinton wants more people at the table."

US Elections 2016

'Under Trump, Zimbabwe might be off the radar'

"There wouldn't be an easing of travel bans or business sanctions simply because Mugabe's preferred candidate wins."


Zambia's rising queens of the boxing ring

With the success of lightweight champion Esther Phiri, boxing has become a popular sport among Zambia's women.


Zambia's voices on the elections and their future hopes

After elections campaign period rocked by violence, Zambians prepare for polls to elect new president and parliament.

Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe's season of rising discontent

Mugabe's government faces one of the biggest challenges in its 36-year history, as citizens become desperate for change.


Uganda: Votes are counted but uncertainty rules

Tensions and questions remain in post-election Uganda as the opposition calls for a re-count of the ballots.


Uganda elections: Besigye detained by police again

Main opposition leader driven to police station for second day in a row as he tries to protest against election results.


Uganda decides: What Ugandans really want

Ugandans tell us the issues that matter most to them, from women's rights to term limits and jobs for the young.


Fear and hope surrounds Uganda election

Opposition supporters want an end to the incumbent's three-decade rule but say they fear a clampdown.