Tanya Kaur Bindra

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In Pictures: Digging for gold in Mali

Workers in Mali's small-scale gold mines toil long hours in dangerous conditions for little pay.

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In pictures: Street battle in Mali

Rare images from the town of Gao where Malian and French troops fought a fierce battle with rebels.

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In Pictures: The misery of migrant workers

Overseas workers from the Philippines continue to face abuse and hardship as the UN marks International Migrants Day.

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In Pictures: Life in Mali after the coup

Disgruntled soldiers chased away the defence minister then put an end to President Toure's "incompetent" rule in March.

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In pictures: The displaced in Mali

Tens of thousands have fled conflict in the north, to find poor conditions, unemployment and homesickness elsewhere.

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In pictures: Hunger stalks Niger

About six million people at risk as food crisis worsens in the Sahel region hit by poor harvests.

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Communities of colour remain under attack

A collective resistance must be forged in opposing hate crimes like the shooting in Oak Creek, writes Bindra.