Subir Bhaumik


India: 'World’s wettest place' suffers water shortage

Climate change, population increase set off water shortages in what was once the wettest place on earth.


Booze flows again in India's Mizoram after lengthy ban

Against the wishes of the powerful church, the eastern Indian state abolished prohibition this year.

India-Bangladesh border

Soaring divisions along India-Bangladesh border fence

In Tripura, residents say barbed-wire barrier keeping out migrants threatens livelihoods - and their cultural spirit.

War & Conflict

Indian troops cross into Myanmar to attack rebel bases

Parachute commandos use helicopters in cross-border raid to retaliate against deadly ambush that killed Indian soldiers.


India: Independence hero's fate remains top secret

Subhas Chandra Bose allegedly died in a mysterious plane crash in 1945, but many Indians believe it never happened.


Narendra Modi's international balancing act

In India, the Modi administration is courting world leaders in a bid to boost the country's clout - and bottom line.


New massacre fears grow in 'India's Bosnia'

Survivors of ethnic bloodshed in restive Assam state decry government neglect and warn of more rebel attacks.


Assam rues India's stand on World War II road

Assam officials upset that WWII-era Stillwell Road won't be used in transnational highway linking four Asian nations.


Anti-migrant rhetoric alarms Assam Muslims

Tensions rise in northeast India as new leaders put the spotlight on illegal immigration from Bangladesh.


Indian parties indulge in Bangladesh bashing

Political rhetoric against Bangladesh on the issue of illegal migrants may strain relations between Dhaka and New Delhi.


India: Row over 'mainstreaming' tribes

India election candidates in the Andaman Islands kick up row by promising to 'modernise' primitive tribes.


Army chief selection dogs India politics

Rivalry between army factions comes to fore as main political parties wrangle over succession issue.