Soumaya Ghannoushi


Tunisia: The Arab world's full-fledged democracy?

Tunisia is not out of the woods yet - its democratic process is still under immense pressure.

War & Conflict

What gives legitimacy to ISIL's rhetoric?

Failure of top-down modernisation and disintegration of post-colonial national borders have cost the


The role of the army in Egypt's new politics

Egypt's army played a vital part in ousting Mubarak, but in the landscape now emerging, their role is more complex.


Dueling legitimacies in Libya

Two sides are fighting a cold war over the nature of Libya's new political order.


Arab nations: New governments, same story

While slow to react to the Arab Spring, US diplomats are working to make sure the region remains under their hegemony.


Rebellion: Smashing stereotypes of Arab women

Women have been at the forefront of various Arab uprisings, forging their own identity in the process.


Contagious illusions of Gaddafi's power

The resilience of the Libyan regime is creating a false sense of security among other Arab despots, analyst argues.

US & Canada

The propagation of neo-Orientalism

The media continually builds an association of Islam with war,instability and repression, creating a false stereotype.


The erosion of the Arab state

The Israeli assault on Lebanon has poignantly brought two truths home: that some Arab states are unable to respond to ever- mounting


US has to choose: Israel or the ME

The G8 convened just as Israel's tanks pounded Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps, while a few miles away its warplanes set Lebanon’s skies ablaze, turning its nights into an inferno of bombs, death and misery.


Fatuous pap

Calls for reforming Islam have recently been rumbling in every corner of the political and academic establishment in Europe and across the Atlantic.


Islamophobia acting like free speech

The caricatures of Prophet Muhammad first published in the Danish Jyllands-Posten then reprinted in a string of European newspapers have exposed the gulf separating the West from the Muslim world.