Siobhan Courtney

United Kingdom

Britain's obsession with marriage

The passing of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill exposed just how bitterly divided government is over gay marriage.

Latin America

Smacking: An 'acceptable' form of child abuse

The UK government has sunk to a new low by defending the rights of parents who smack their children, writes author.

US & Canada

Job description: Celibacy and denial

The Church of England's latest decision has caused even further divisions among the Anglican Church.

US & Canada

Why women priests but not bishops?

The Church of England has decided the top jobs in the Anglican Church are strictly reserved for "the boys".

Human Rights

The state can't tell us how to spend our money

The UK copying the US by dictating how benefits are spent is an infringement of personal liberty.

Business & Economy

Is overfeeding children abuse?

The UK government is failing their children by deflecting blame of responsibility for increasing obesity.

United Kingdom

Men: Suffering secretly and silently

Trapped in cycles of despair, men are committing 75 per cent of all suicides in the UK.

Poverty & Development

The UK's social mobility shame

The gap between the rich and the poor in Britain has never been so dangerously divisive.

US & Canada

The horror of female genital mutilation

An estimated 66,000 girls have been illegally mutilated in the UK, but no one has yet been prosecuted for this practice.


Fracking: A dehydrated UK, watered only by capitalism

When the UK's water infrastructure is already in severe drought, why is fracking even being considered?

US & Canada

The hypocrisy of the US-UK extradition act

Why is the UK handing over British citizens to the US under a treaty designed to deal with terrorism?


'The riots haven't changed a thing'

As an official report into the 2011 London riots is released, an angry, troubled generation is being ignored.