Roxanne Horesh


Israel election ads fail to inspire

As legislative elections approach, Israel's political parties air advertisements that many voters find insipid.


Israel turns up the heat on African migrants

Panic grips migrant community as many face deportation after being arrested during crackdown.


Israel hedges its bets on Syria

Is Israel being deliberately indecisive on whether or not to support the Syrian opposition?


Israel's radical settlers: A fifth column?

Settlers try to stop security forces from dismantling illegal outposts by making the price too high to bear.

Business & Economy

Q&A: Eurozone debt crisis

Al Jazeera takes a closer look at why the eurozone debt crisis matters, and possible solutions to the problem.


Explainer: Why Egypt matters

Panel of experts, activists and two former ambassadors weigh in on why the country has a significant role to play.


Syria's fragmented opposition

As anti-government forces try to develop a united voice, Al Jazeera looks at the disparate groups within.


Kyrgyzstan flirts with democracy

More than a year after political and ethnic unrest ravaged the country, voters in the Central Asian state head to polls.


Analysis: Reactions to Gaddafi's death

Analysts, activists, academics and ambassadors share their reactions to the death of the longtime Libyan leader.


Gaddafi's Family Tree

The family that ruled Libya till only recently now finds itself on the run. Here is a look at their roles and relations.


What are the PLO's options at the UN?

Abbas insists the PLO will only request full statehood, but Palestinians have many strategies available to them at UN.


Debating the UN bid for Palestinian statehood

Experts discuss what may happen with the Palestinian bid for UN statehood and what it means for all concerned.