Rose Aguilar


On Black Friday workers of Walmart unite

The corporate wealth is out of reach for its workers.

US & Canada

Blackfish: Highlighting the plight of captive orcas

A new documentary follows the traumatic experiences of captive orcas as they undergo training and long careers in water

US & Canada

Richest country’s empty plates

Fifty million people in the United States go to bed hungry.


Tim DeChristopher speaks out for environmental justice

Climate activist who was convicted of interfering with a public auction that disrupted the sale of oil rights in Utah.


The great garbage patch of the Pacific

When you can scoop up in our oceans more plastic than biomass, it's time to recognise that we may have a problem.


America is not as 'divided' on abortion as you think

Despite claims to the contrary, polls show that Americans from all political parties are overwhelmingly pro-choice.


Walmart's horrific treatment of workers is too big to ignore

It's time to put pressure on politicians to make a statement about the "ongoing exploitation of workers by Walmart".

Business & Economy

Walmart and Black Friday protests

Protests against Walmart are about a ruthless capitalist system that exploits workers as MNCs post record profits.

Business & Economy

Labour pains: Pushing for equity in the California workforce

In some Walmart warehouses in Southern California, labourers often don't even have access to water.

US & Canada

The secret history of your favourite hamburger

Multiple undercover investigations over the years show horrific animal cruelty, neglect and abuse at slaughter plants.

US & Canada

Military rape: The invisible war

A new documentary exposes the epidemic of sexual assault within the US armed forces.

Poverty & Development

The dismantling of California's schools

The most populous US state spends more than five times as much on its prisoners than on its students.