Rory O'Connor

US & Canada

Don't get fooled again on US immigration reform

Despite the apparent support for reform, the new immigration deal may "fall apart once again, just as in the past".


Welcome to America, Al Jazeera

This is an excellent time for any entity interested in making an impact in the US cable news environment, notes author.

US & Canada

Data dumpster-diving may determine US presidential race

Both the Democratic and Republican National Committees have already spent millions on data acquisition, writes O'Connor.

Science & Technology

Old wine in new bottles: Social media in the US presidential campaign

Obama has higher Twitter involvement, but Romney’s tweets go viral more often, writes O'Connor.

Science & Technology

Welcome to the first digital presidential election

While many thought the 2008 campaign was focused online, the 2012 election will be 'digital on steroids'.


Breaking up the nuclear family

It's time for the world's largest economy - the US - to learn from Japan and Germany, and ditch nuclear power.

Science & Technology

Without trust, Facebook isn't worth $100 billion

More and more Facebook users are becoming aware of how their personal information is being tracked, used and shared.

Science & Technology

Is Google facing an existential threat?

The internet giant may lose the 'social' e-war it is waging, especially as it faces anti-trust suits on many fronts.


Florida: The 'decider' state

The Republican campaign may drag on, but the GOP winner has already been decided.


Race politics in the Hawkeye and Granite States

New Hampshire and Iowa wield so much power and influence, they make a mockery of the US presidential primary process.