Reza Marashi


Why does Washington always get Iran wrong?

Rouhani's resounding victory sheds light on at least three factors contributing to a systemic misreading of Iran.


Making lemonade out of lemons in Tehran?

While political elites battle it out in elections, the Iranian people remain the biggest losers.


Why sanctions on Iran are not working

While sanctions are having a devastating effect on Iran's economy, they have not changed Tehran's nuclear calculus.


Tehran looks ready to tango

The Intelligence Ministry is one of the most trusted sources of information among key Iranian decision-makers.


For the sake of Europe, Sarkozy must stand down

Sarkozy has repeatedly pushed an Iran policy that exacerbates a root cause of the continent's economic malaise.


The political psychology of Obama's Iran policy

Obama's Iran policies are falling prey to the same mistakes that overwhelmed the four previous administrations.


Khamenei's power consolidation gambit

Recent insinuations by Ali Khameini shows a political struggle between the supreme leader and the president.


Does Obama understand what's been unleashed?

In response to an alleged assassination plot, Washington plans to impose even tougher sanctions on Iran.


The Iran sanctions fallacy

International sanctions have exacerbated the pain of the middle class struggling with high levels of unemployment.