Peter Zalmayev

Peter Zalmayev is director of the Eurasia Democracy Initiative, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of democracy and rule of law in post-Communist transitional societies of Eastern and Central Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Arts & Culture

Death and rebirth in contemporary Ukrainian journalism

Ukraine deserves to break out of the "sick man of Europe" mould, known primarily for the protracted war and corruption.


Putin's quest for glory at any cost

The doping scandal is the latest in a string of misadventures in Putin's pursuit of Soviet-style greatness.


Bitter end for Kazakhstan's sugar czar

The ignominious end of Rakhat Aliyev, Kazakhstan's most feared man, heir apparent, sugar czar, fugitive.

War & Conflict

Boris Nemtsov's last walk

Did Boris Nemtsov, the bogeyman of Russia's rising nationalism, push his luck by provoking Putin repeatedly?


Is Putin going all the way in Ukraine?

Ukraine stands on the precipice of war as pressure mounts on Putin, seen as 'saviour' of the Eastern Slavic world.


Eastern Ukraine: A new pawn in Putin's dangerous game

By issuing ultimatums and then failing to follow up, Kiev has further emboldened the rabble-rousers.


Ukraine crisis: Will the drumbeat lead to war?

Even without an armed conflict, Russia's Crimean adventure has set it on a course of protracted collision with the West.