Peter Van Buren


An all-American nightmare

Author writes why "Zero Dark Thirty" won't settle the torture question or purge torture from the American system.


Don't ask and don't tell: A Guide to the Presidential Debates

Six critical foreign policy questions that won't be raised in the Presidential debates.


The persecution of John Kiriakou

Techniques that the US hanged men for at Nuremburg and in post-war Japan are now employed and declared lawful.


How not to reconstruct Iraq, Afghanistan - or the US

Why has the US spent so much money and time "so disastrously trying to rebuild occupied nations abroad"?


Leaking war

The Obama administration aggressively prosecutes whistleblowers, but turns a blind eye to politically beneficial leaks.


The campaign against whistleblowers in Washington

Under Obama, six whistleblowers have been charged under the World War I-era Espionage Act.


Thought crime in Washington

Federal employees are the only ones who know what's happening inside the government and their voices are being silenced.

US & Canada

How the US taxpayer got plucked in Iraq

The US bought a $2.58m chicken factory in Iraq without any market research for a nonexistent fresh chicken market.


Freedom isn't free at the State Department

A State Department employee was scapegoated for linking an already published WikiLeaks document to his blog.