Nicolas Mendoza

US & Canada

The FBI's Bitcoin address

The capture of 'Dread Pirate Roberts' has significant implications for the future of the Bitcoin industry.

US & Canada

Bitcoin rises

Although there is still the possibility of a volatile market, the Bitcoin ecosystem looks more promising than ever.

Science & Technology

The crisis of global journalism and the Freedom of the Press Foundation

The decline in classified advertising revenue has "tied the hands of the traditional press", most notably in the West.


Not so fast: Cosmopolitics and the Higgs boson

Will media reports on the Higgs boson announcement influence the way "modern people" treat all other people?

US & Canada

Understanding Bitcoin

Bitcoin is at the forefront of 'hacktivism', giving its users a free alternative to contemporary financial mechanisms.

Science & Technology

Metal, code, flesh: Why we need a 'Rights of the Internet' declaration

The internet, as a living being which is part human, should have rights of its own.

US & Canada

WikiLeaks: A tale of two worlds

WikiLeaks, 4Chan and Anonymous are examples of how rogues can thrive against the will of empire.