Nicola Perugini

Nicola Perugini is lecturer in international relations at the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh. He is the co-author of The Human Right to Dominate.


The human shields of Mosul

How the international coalition is framing civilians in Iraq as ISIL's human shields.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Israel's human rights spies: Manipulating the discourse

Revelations about Israel's infiltration of NGOs in the 1970s shocked many, but human rights 'spies' are still out there.


Portrait of an occupation: Human rights of the settler

State-sanctioned ethnic cleansing and human rights violations are what enabled the Jewish settlers to occupy lands.


Using human shields as a pretext to kill civilians

By claiming that the other side is using human shields, the attacker provides itself with a pre-emptive legal defence.

Human Rights

Death in the Mediterranean

European policies in the Mediterranean have been constantly oscillating between humanitarianism and policing.


On 'human shielding' in Gaza

The Israeli army has tried to justify striking civilian areas.


Israel's indigenous invaders

Israel justifies the immanent relocation of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin by characterizing them as invaders.


Who is after Amira Hass?

The settlers have become the victims, according to those attacking Israeli journalist Amira Hass, note authors.


The UN and its productive contradictions

The recent UN Human Rights Council report on Israel was both toothless and contradictory.


A contribution to the endless debate on Israeli settlements

The horizon of human rights "could not be sufficient alone to achieve liberation from settler colonialism".


Weaponising trauma: Israel's operation 'Pillar of Defence'

Israel has effectively 'weaponised' PTSD by disseminating bites via social media in order to legitimise its offensive.