Murad Alazzany

War & Conflict

Saleh's Houthi Trojan Horse

Now is the time to set a clear vision and establish a workable strategy about how to resolve the conflict in Yemen.


Yemen's media in transition

Yemen's revolution has changed the media landscape in the country, but was it for the better?

Arts & Culture

A Yemeni response to cultural Islamophobia

The protests in Yemen have proved to be heterogenous, demonstrating the nuances that exist in the country's society.


Is it 'game over' in Yemen?

The Yemeni president still appears more defiant than responsive to the protests rocking his country.


Yemen: A revolution in waiting?

In a country torn by internal divisions, the risks posed by a power vacuum must not be underestimated.


Waiting for a 'real' revolution

Overthrowing Mubarak was a pivotal turning point for the Egyptian people but they must not mistake it for an end goal.