Mohamed Ghilan

War & Conflict

The consequences of not challenging the Islamic State

The Islamic State's violence against minority groups and non-Sunni sects goes against the teachings

US & Canada

Baghdadi's misconstrued caliphate project

The notion of Muslim political unity is well-established in Islam, but is it what the Islamic State stands for?

US & Canada

Brunei: When Sharia serves the sultan and US media

Both the Sultan of Brunei and US media may be exploiting Sharia for their own purposes.

US & Canada

Islam, Saudi and apostasy

Does Islamic law really proscribe the death penalty for apostasy?

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What was Rumi talking about?

Sufi poetry has been largely misunderstood by modern pop culture.

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Bringing Muslims back to science

Is Muslim religious discourse on scientific matters killing the scientific aspirations of the religious?

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It's extremist Muslims, not Islamic extremism

It's not a quality in Islam that turns people violent, but the people themselves that are the problem.

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To Sharia or not to Sharia: The question of Islamopolitics

Islam does not seek to turn its adherents into a monolithic group, but instead celebrates diversity and pluralism.

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The irony of Muslim terrorism

Terrorism is the vilest crime because it robs people not only of their lives, but also of their safety and freedom.