Michele Weldon

Arts & Culture

Clearing the darkening cloud of mistrust around journalists

As research shows that Americans are less trusting of the media, journalists need to regain their audience respect.


On Mother's Day and every day: Scary mommies are no joke

Regardless of who earns the paycheck, there should not be different maternal standards, writes Weldon.

Arts & Culture

Lean into this: Why the gap of women in media is critical to the planet

The diminutive presence of women in media is a global crisis, not just an American one, argues Weldon.

US & Canada

It's more than not cool: Young men should speak out against rape

Community efforts, family support and cultural shifts in attitude toward sexual violence can prevent sexual violence.

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Speak up: 50 years later the gender wage gap still too wide in the US

Men earn more than women in the vast majority of occupations nearly 50 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act.