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Battle for Mosul

The PMF in Iraq: Fight, then demobilise

A glorious chapter in Iraq's military history doesn't have to lead to oppression.


Why delay doesn't make sense in Mosul

Don't postpone the battle but do stay engaged for long enough to stabilise Mosul.

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Iraq's regional decentralisation debate is heating up

As the battle of Mosul looms, it may be wise to place on the back burner the debate on regional formation initiatives.


The US, the Peshmerga and Mosul

American and Kurdish ties are close but nothing fundamental has changed, yet.

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Iraqi security the day after Mosul

Missteps by the Iraqi government, political parties and security forces could breathe new life into an ISIL recovery.


A new formula in the battle for Fallujah

The battle is Iraq's latest attempt to push the Popular Mobilisation Forces and Coalition into a single battlespace.

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How to prevent sectarian backlash from Baghdad bombings

ISIL bombings could bring a devastating flood of sectarian attacks and militia rule to Baghdad.

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Iraq: Are Shia leaders ready for sectarian healing?

The struggle against ISIL has rekindled communal ties between sectarian communities in Iraq.


Iraq: Beware the liberation of Mosul

What would happen if ISIL lost control of Iraq's second largest city tomorrow?

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Iraq's popular demobilisation

Iraq's prime minister has broad backing to begin absorbing Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Units into the armed forces.

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Playing politics with boots on the ground

The commotion over sovereignty shows that many of the factions in Iraq have more urgent priorities than defeating ISIL.

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Kirkuk may be key to national reconciliation in Iraq

One of Iraq's most strategic provinces is home to five sets of conflicts.