Mark Hertsgaard


The deafening silence on climate change

Global warming has seldom been mentioned this year on the campaign trail, despite Obama's promise to the contrary.


Hurricane Sandy as Greek tragedy

The challenge of climate change is no longer a technical one, if it ever was - it has always been primarily political.

Human Rights

Obama can say 'climate' after all

Aside from his acceptance speech and three briefer mentions, "Obama has not brought up climate change publicly in 2012".


Saving 'Lyin' Ryan'

Will the media have enough mettle to call out Paul Ryan on his campaign of blatant lies?


Making the 2012 heat wave matter

Summer 2012 has broken thousands of records in the US, bringing misery and suffering to millions.


California as a model for climate policy

Many innovations in the fight against climate change have come out of this nature-friendly state.


The biggest climate victory you never heard of

The fight against coal in the US has achieved great success due to activists' passion and commitment.


'Occupy Wall Street' and Obama

If 'Occupy' keeps up the pressure, Obama could be compelled to adopt more progressive policies.


When Romney helped Perry break the law

Lawsuit reveals contradictory stories about an illicit $1m campaign contribution from "Swift Boat" funder.


One Republican candidate's hellfire

Global warming-denying governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry can't escape a major reckoning at home.