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Agatha Christie's love-hate story with the Arabs

Forty years after her death, Britain's queen of crime fiction continues to haunt and inspire the Arab world.


Yes, Ahmed Naji is a novelist

Why Egyptian novels are causing heart murmurs, eye tics and blood pressure problems.

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ISIL torches Iraqi history in Mosul

Many Iraqis evoke popular saying about the loss of non-human objects: 'May the books be a sacrifice for the people.'


Shutting down writers in Sudan

Why is Sudan's government threatened by talks on post-modernism and Arabic poetry?


Why banning Arab authors from US is censorship

Excluding important Arab writers from the literary dialogue also punishes US readers.

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The mysterious fall and rise of the Arab crime novel

Why are gentleman-thieves and murder mysteries making a comeback in Arabic popular fiction?

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Iraqi novelist defies Arab critics

Hassan Blasim's book received the UK's foreign fiction prize but it has yet to be published in Arabic. How come?


Alexandria novelist's battle for free speech

Omar Hazek has found himself at the centre of Egypt's battles for free speech - from prison.

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Arabic sci-fi and other literary revolutions

Once a tiny minority in Arabic literature, science fiction, horror and thrillers are getting a boost.