Mahmood Mamdani


The way forward for South Sudan

A change in IGAD's approach and a new political leadership in South Sudan constitute the exit plan out of the conflict.


Senseless [and sensible] violence: Mourning the dead at Westgate Mall

Placing these tragic events in a wider context, suggests a need to reassess the 'war on terror' in the horn of Africa.


Lessons for the secular left

Egypt's secular left must abandon its historical attachment to power and side with accountability instead.


Kenya 2013: The ICC election

Instead of a repeat of the 2007 ethnic conflict, there was an ethnic reconciliation in this election, writes Mamdani.


Kony: What Jason did not tell the Invisible Children

The Lord's Resistance Army is a Ugandan problem calling for a Ugandan political solution.


What does Gaddafi's fall mean for Africa?

As global powers become more interested in Africa, interventions in the continent will likely become more common.


Ivory Coast: A UN failure

The UN's 'winner takes all' strategy has placed great tension on a society strained by its colonial past, scholar says.


Libya after the NATO invasion

There can be no quick fix for a Libya caught between a loose-cannon despot and an opportunistic Western intervention.


Libya: Politics of humanitarian intervention

The process of implementing the UN resolution on Libya was a poorly executed farce with no long-term foresight.