Lina Khatib

Lina Khatib is the Head of the Middle East/North Africa programme at Chatham House. Previously, she was the co-founding head of the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy at Stanford University's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

Middle East

Samir Kantar's killing highlights Syria's many battles

The assassination of a Hezbollah operative in Syria last week has to do with strategic regional rivalries.


Aspiring to impunity in Lebanon

Lebanese citizens feel helpless in a society in which corruption becomes the only means of survival.


The regional impacts of Saudi succession

When it comes to Saudi foreign policy, the forthcoming succession is not the most crucial - the one to follow is.


US policy on Syria and Iraq: Short on action

It is time for the US to take responsibility for the failures of its Middle East policies.


What Saudi-Iranian rapprochement means for Assad

Limiting support for the Syrian regime might be the least costly compromise Iran is likely to make.


Assad's fatal strategic mistakes

Bashar al-Assad's support for armed groups might lead to his regime's demise.


Geneva II: Watch out for back-channel talks

The real deal is being sealed behind the scenes at Geneva II.


Who is behind the Beirut bombing?

Lebanon is, once again, the battlefield of a proxy war to redefine new power relations in the region.