Leonid Ragozin

Leonid Ragozin is a freelance journalist based in Riga.


Trump: Putin's best frenemy, part 2

Why were the Russian anti-missile systems silent during the US strikes on al-Shayrat airfield in Syria?


Russia: The ghost of a terrorised past

The latest bombing in St Petersburg comes after two decades of terrorist attacks in Russia.


Trump: Putin's best frenemy

Trump makes Russia feel great again.


Russia's new European friend

Russia has been financing Europe's far right, which has returned the favour with support for Putin's


Who is responsible for the MH17 tragedy?

Responsibility for the MH17 tragedy lies with those who fuelled the conflict in Ukraine.


Ukraine vs Russia: A mafia state's cover-up?

The false ethno-linguistic discourse distracts from the real essence of the Ukrainian conflict.

US & Canada

Sochi Olympics: One man show?

If Vladimir Putin hoped that hosting the 2014 Olympic Games would invite the world's admiration, he was wrong.


Left Behind: Russian prisoners who didn't make the headlines

Despite the recent amnesty, many political prisoners in Russia remain behind bars, waiting for justice.


The Volgograd bombings: Russia's new threat

The attacks in Volgograd have disrupted Putin's narrative of a stable Russia and the 'safest in history' Sochi Olympics.


Ukraine protests: The view from Moscow

The opposition's silence on the Kiev protests reflects Russia's ambivalence towards Ukraine.