Lana Pasic


On make-up, Serbian women and a lesbian PM

The misogynistic, neo-colonialist article published in Balkan Insight shocks us, too.


100 years after WWI: History lessons from the Balkans

The Balkans are still split on historical narratives about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.


After the Balkan floods: Unity and compassion

The Balkans floods have unleashed an unprecedented humanitarian response that cuts across borders.


Who is behind Bosnia's riots?

Dissatisfaction with the economic and political system in the country has pushed diverse groups to unite in protest.


South Africa after Mandela

South Africa is facing a myriad of challenges, from economic inequality to white emigration.


Is Croatia's 'yes' vote tyranny of the majority?

A referendum on definition of marriage could result in actions curbing minorities' rights.


How many are we? Bosnia's first post-war census

The survey will reveal an ethnically, economically, and educationally different Bosnia.


Welcoming the 'villains' and 'heroes' of the Balkan wars

International tribunal's judgments on Balkan war crimes have not brought reconciliation to the region.


Commemorating Srebrenica

18 years after the massacre at Srebrenica, justice and reconciliation have both been difficult to attain.


Bosnia's babies in limbo

Political deadlock here has had deadly consequences: newborns in need of medical care abroad cannot leave the country.


UK xenophobia turns against Eastern Europeans

Portraying Eastern Europeans as criminals and barbarians is nothing but hate speech and discrimination.


Why Bosnia is still not a democracy

It's time to look inside and find ways to "unfreeze" the current obstacles standing in the way of democratic governance.