Lamis Andoni

Lamis Andoni is an analyst and commentator on Middle Eastern and Palestinian affairs.

War & Conflict

Palestine Land Day: Here we shall stay

The Judaisation strategy did not only aim at confiscating lands, but also to undermine the rise of Palestinian leaders.


Mahmoud Abbas, your time is running out

When a leadership, elected or not, seeks legitimacy from an occupying power, it automatically loses legitimacy.

Arab Spring

After the spring, when our dreams were hijacked

From hope to despair - a journey through the early days of the Arab Spring to today.


Who represents the Syrian people?

The beginning of the solution to the Syrian crisis lies in the emergence of a unified, credible leadership.

Human Rights

Putin v Erdogan: May the best man win

The contest for the next "Arab Idol" is under way, and it is marked by the absence of Arab contenders.

War & Conflict

The Arab World is at war with itself

An eventual break-up of the Arab world into sectarian splinters is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

War & Conflict

ISIL and the West: A clash of savageries

Once again, the West is using heart-wrenching scenes of loss and sorrow to win support for its misguided war on terror.

War & Conflict

Netanyahu's Washington triumph

His visit not only kicked off a process of changing his image, but also asserted Israel's role in the region.


Ahmed Chalabi: A proud pawn for a big American lie

He died unexpectedly and unrepentant and even proud of his role.

Arts & Culture

Rowling hands the sorcerer's stone to the occupation

The novelist's comments on the campaign for cultural engagement added insult to the injury of the Palestinian plight.

Human Rights

It's time to challenge the status quo in Palestine

In the name of "peace", Israel continues to wage a daily war against the Palestinians.


Bahrain's contribution to the Arab Spring

The Bahraini government used the spectre of sectarian violence to justify their crackdown on peaceful protesters.