Kieron Monks

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East Jerusalem suffers heroin plague

Activists fight to save addicts in towns without prospects or security.


Can equality exist in the Jewish state?

As right-wingers dominate the Knesset, Arab citizens of Israel say institutional discrimination is getting worse.


The West Bank: When push comes to take

Israeli leaders and settlers stifle the peace process by asserting their "right to all parts" of the West Bank.


Green shoots emerge at Qalandia checkpoint

The Arab Spring has reached Palestine, with a day of mass protests commemorating the 63rd anniversary of the 'Nakba'.


Egypt holds the keys to Palestinian peace

A more receptive, post-'Arab Spring' Egypt can help push the peace process forward after Palestinian factions unify.


Empowering Egypt's workers revolution

Since the fall of Mubarak, union members formed a new political party and struggle to nationalise their company.


Could Egypt's revolution be stolen?

As the military continues suppressing protesters, youth groups worry they are being marginalised.


No country for old Bedou men

Traditional Bedouin communities are at a "breaking point" in Israel and Palestine. They now face an impossible dilemma.