Khalil al-Anani

Khalil al-Anani is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies in Qatar. He is the author of Inside the Muslim Brotherhood: Religion, Identity, and Politics (Oxford University Press, 2016).

Muslim Brotherhood

What happened to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood?

Internal ideological and political disagreements might lead to the break-up of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Middle East

Envisioning Donald Trump's Middle East

His vision of isolationist US foreign policy will not solve the problems of the Middle East.

War & Conflict

The tragedy of Rabaa

The Rabaa massacre will haunt the people of Egypt for years.


Sisi's 'inane' electoral platform

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi opts for theatrics over substance to win over Egyptian voters.


Egypt's unsustainable 'republic of fear'

Will the counter-revolutionary forces manage to give a new lease of life to the 'republic of fear'?


Whither political Islam?

Islamists have proven to be quite resilient in the face of existential threats.