Khaled Diab


The Egyptian roots of feminism

The history of ancient Egyptian woman can teach the West that it is not the first region in the world to empower women.

Middle East

Egypt: The war of attrition against revolutionaries

Six years after the January 25 Revolution, Egypt's civil society faces a systemic crackdown, but remains defiant.


Egypt's Christians in the cross-hairs

The bombing of St Peter's Church in Cairo provoked anger against the Egyptian regime for failing to protect Christians.


White supremacy's inferiority complex

White supremacy has been a useful tool to control the anger of the poor and vulnerable.

Middle East

Sisi's fridge and Egypt's frosty economy

The president's remarks about his fridge reveal just how much Egyptians have cooled towards him.

Arts & Culture

Multilingualism: Speaking the language of diversity

Multilingualism broadens our horizons and can act as an antidote against toxic xenophobia.

Human Rights

Israel's war on peaceful activism

Despite increasing dangers Palestinian and Israeli activists continue their efforts to oppose the occupation peacefully.

War & Conflict

The generous of the earth

In many places, where the ranks of those in need are enormous, the ranks of those willing to help them also grow.

International Women's Day

The mirage of the meek Muslim women

Muslim women - who come in all shades of conformity and rebelliousness - are far from silent and submissive.

Arts & Culture

Eid al-Fitr: Spiritual oasis or consumer paradise?

Despite having acquired some 21st-century trappings, Eid's mix of religion and revelry is centuries old.


Egypt's nuclear energy folly

Unlike nuclear power, renewable energy has the potential to create an enormous number of jobs.

Human Rights

Egypt's pharaoh illusion

Egyptians refuse to believe the lie that they are docile sheeple who need a father figure to shepherd them.