Kait Bolongaro

Arts & Culture

Tattoos in Kinshasa: Overcoming conflict and taboos

Tattoos bring a certain permanence in one of the world's most uncertain places.

Human Rights

Living with Down's syndrome in Kinshasa, DRC

In Democratic Republic of Congo, those living with the condition are challenging misunderstandings about it.

Syrian Refugees

Waging a lyrical war against Syria's Bashar al-Assad

Refugees of Rap use their music to promote regime change in war-torn Syria and to tell the stories of refugees.


Senegal's handicrafts: Made in China?

Cheaper Chinese-made products may soon eclipse locally made traditional crafts.

Syrian Refugees

Palestinian Syrians: Twice refugees

As refugees continue to flee civil war in Syria, the road to asylum remains difficult for some Syrian-born Palestinians.

Human Rights

Welcome to Syrian Berlin: A refugee tour of the city

Six sets of Syrians living in six different districts of the German capital explain what being a Berliner means to them.

Arts & Culture

Keeping Syrian cinema alive in exile

Syrian filmmakers who fled the war explain how they are keeping their country alive on film.

Human Rights

Refugees take centre stage at Berlin's film festival

Special programmes for young refugees use the power of cinema to foster intercultural understanding.

Poverty & Development

The Syrian cheese-maker of Bavaria

How a Syrian refugee is bringing a little piece of home to Germany in the form of traditional Syrian cheese.


Is the German city of Cologne shifting to the right?

As the city's traditionally liberal identity is challenged, we meet those on the right who stand to gain.


France's growing income inequality problem

As the world's elite gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, many Paris citizens struggling just to get by.


Future of France's Jewish community

After deadly attacks, French Jews are conflicted whether to risk life in France or move to Israel.