Joseph E Stiglitz


The post-crisis crises

As we struggle with today's crises, we should ask if we are responding in ways that exacerbate our long-term problems.

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Europe: After austerity

Cutting government spending during recessions willfully ignores the lessons of the past, says author.


Myanmar's quiet transition

The southeast Asian country's transition is quieter than Arab Spring nations - but it is no less real.

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Capturing the European Central Bank

There are several explanations for the ECB’s insistence on a "voluntary" restructuring of Greece's sovereign debt.

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The perils of 2012

In 2012, global economic rebalancing will accelerate, inevitably leading to political tensions.

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What can save the euro?

Growth is needed in order to save the euro, not sermons and homilies, says Nobel Prize-winning economist.

US & Canada

The globalisation of protest

Protesters around the world say they are part of a generation that played by the rules but has no hope for the future.

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To cure the economy

The underlying cause of the financial collapse is growing inequality; the solution is strong government expenditures.


The price of 9/11

Ten years after 9/11, al-Qaeda has been greatly weakened; but the price paid by the US was enormous, and unnecessary.

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A contagion of bad ideas

Financial distress isn't the only thing that moves easily across borders - so do misguided economic policies.


The evils of unregulated capitalism

Remedy for the US economy: end the wars, rein in military and drug costs, and raise taxes - at least on the very rich.

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Choosing the IMF's next leader

IMF leadership should be selected by public vote, not behind closed doors based on political interests of the rich.