Jessica Hatcher


Illegal overfishing and the return of Somalia's pirates

Plunder of Somali waters by foreign fishing vessels could mean the return of hijackings, locals warn.

War & Conflict

Violence, targeted killings consume Burundi protests

Burundi's protests move towards a dark chapter with night-time assassinations as protesters turn to grenades.

Humanitarian crises

Saving Burundi refugees with a WWI German warship

Amid a deadly cholera outbreak in an isolated village, century-old vessel is ferrying out sick and desperate people.


Burundians unite against president's power play

Protesters overcome ethnic divisions to stand up against plans for an unconstitutional third-term in office.

US & Canada

Latvia: Trying to free its Al Jazeera journo

Latvia has worked tirelessly to secure the freedom from Egypt of its unjustly imprisoned citizen, Peter Greste.


South Sudan's frontline nuns

Amid the ongoing violence in South Sudan, religious workers have held their ground and helped protect civilians.

Arts & Culture

Fighting Egypt's crackdown on press freedom

International journalists make a stand in solidarity with imprisoned Al Jazeera staff.


DR Congo: Victim to the Western quest for justice

The international judicial system could be helping to fuel the country's recent surge in conflict.