Jesse Strauss

Science & Technology

The 9/11 decade: global reflections

People around the world reflect on the effects of the September 11, 2001, attacks in interviews with Al Jazeera.

Human Rights

Hunger strike in California prisons escalate

Prisoners on hunger strike believe their conditions can be described as torture.


Fierce crackdown on 'Occupy Oakland' protest

Police use tear gas and concussion grenades in attempt at ending demonstration in "one-sided" eight-hour street fight.


'Occupy the Hood': Including all of the 99%

Ife Johari Uhuru discusses a campaign focused on people of colour emerging from the "Occupy" protest movement.


British health activists occupy London bridge

Demonstrators shut down Westminster Bridge to protest bill that would "privatise the free healthcare system".

US & Canada

Youth movement in a culture of hopelessness

Henry Giroux says Wall Street protests need to stay centred on the most marginalised population of the US: young people.


Map: #Occupy protests across America

Demonstrations against Wall Street and corporate dominance break out in cities from New York to San Francisco.

US & Canada

Q&A: Transport union backs Wall Street demo

The transportation union is one of many groups to support 'Occupy Wall Street' protests in New York City.


In pictures: Occupy Wall Street's first weeks

Furious with what they see as a gross mishandling of financial crisis, many in the US take to the streets to be heard.

US & Canada

Understanding Wall Street's 'Occupation'

Four activists discuss goals of the 24-hour encampment in New York's financial district as it gains nationwide momentum.

US & Canada

US execution puts death penalty on trial

Troy Davis is set to die in under a week but advocates say there is 'too much doubt' to condemn him to death.

US & Canada

US anti-war veterans in their own words

Ten years after 9/11, members of the US army, marines and air force speak on war and re-integrating into 'real life'.