Jason A Johnson

Donald Trump

Analysis: Trump speech fails to deliver on hard policy

While pundits applauded the 'disciplined' address to Congress, lacking was any straight talk on political measures.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: How to read US polls

Political analyst Jason Johnson gives you three simple rules for being a good poll watcher of American elections.


The inevitable candidacy of Hillary Clinton

With no strong challengers this time around, things are looking up for Clinton.

Human Rights

Selma: 50 years of storytelling in America

Celebrations and commemorations always have a sense of telling only half the story.

United States

We can't breathe: Obama's last chance for change

Police violence is a white American problem, not a black one.


Ferguson exposes a crisis in the US

The US government has failed its citizens in Ferguson.


Obama's foreign policy after the midterms

A Republican-controlled Senate will force Obama to get tougher on Iran and Russia.


What can Obama do about Ferguson?

Despite being the most powerful man in the country Obama's legal options in Ferguson are limited.


The lies the 'third parties' tell us

Neglecting a pragmatic approach to the US political system may rouse a crowd, but renders 'outsiders' irrelevant.


A missed opportunity for Mitt Romney

If the third debate freezes the campaign at this date, Obama might just have won the US election.


US presidential debate: The final lap

Foreign policy debate is actually the least influential of the three major debates held during a presidential election.