Hilal Elver

Poverty & Development

Climate change and the right to food

Food security should not be based on charity. The right to food gives a legal entitlement to people.


What comes after Ebola: Hunger

West Africa is on the brink of a major food crisis as a result of the Ebola outbreak.

Arts & Culture

Turkey's first ladies and the headscarf controversy

How Turkey's first ladies have championed the freedom to wear the veil and reconciled the nation wit


Climate change and the food security dimension

A new report emphasises that climate change will affect us all, and fundamental changes are needed to avoid the worst.


Celebrating water cooperation: Red Sea to Dead Sea

Israel-Palestine Joint Water Committee's work has been referred to as 'water apartheid', and 'pretence of cooperation'.


Why the media has gone silent on climate change

Climate change deniers have been waging a PR war on scientists who promote a path towards a post carbon economy.


Prosecuting neo-Nazi racism in German trial

The neo-Nazi case in Germany is exposing a society that is both in acceptance and denial of xenophobia.


How serious is Obama about climate change?

In order to combat climate change, Obama will first have to win support at the national level.

US & Canada

The cold shoulder to climate change

Neither candidate has mentioned climate change in the debates or the campaign at large, despite its obvious impact.


Rio+20: A green industrial revolution or climate change diplomacy?

Diplomats at climate change talks this week appear unlikely to draft a workable legal document on CO2 reduction.

US & Canada

The face of Islam, according to Foreign Policy

The issue focused on women in the Middle East, Russia and China - but completely ignored gender problems in the West.


Healing wounds: Seeking closure for the 1915 massacres

Placing genocide within an appropriate legal context is the best path to reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia.