Hashmat Moslih


Iraq's strongmen 10 years after Saddam Hussein

Since the execution of the deposed leader, the country has witnessed the emergence of a number of powerful figures.


Kabul burial of Tajik King Kalakani stirs tension

Burial in Afghan capital of Tajik king and his aides, executed in 1929, highlights Pashtun-Tajik ethnic divide.


Tajikistan Islamist leaders face life in prison

Sixteen leaders of banned Islamic Renaissance Party are accused of conspiring to bring down the country's government.


Heavy fighting rages in Afghanistan's Kunduz

Afghan forces and the Taliban both claim gains amid fierce battles after the armed group's offensive to seize key city.


The Taliban and obstacles to Afghanistan peace talks

Peace talks in Afghanistan resumed this week, but on several major issues neither side is likely to compromise.


Tajikistan poised to slide back towards war

Analysts say Central Asian nation is under internal and external pressure after decades-long rule of Emomali Rahmon.


Q&A: The high price of freedom of speech in Afghanistan

Journalists and critics in Afghanistan say freedom of speech requires sacrifice - and many have made the ultimate one.

War & Conflict

Afghanistan in the shadow of Ahmad Shah Massoud

The story of 9/11 is in reality the story of the legendary Afghan freedom fighter Ahmad Shah Massoud

Human Rights

Is the concept of human rights non-ideological?

The concept of universal 'human rights' faces huge challenges in a culturally diverse global setting

Business & Economy

Afghanistan's economy: In need of rescue

Afghanistan's economy must be spear-headed by government led initiatives, in order to break its harsh economic malaise.