Harry Verhoeven


Rwanda: Twenty years after the genocide

Issues of community reconciliation and international accountability remain unresolved in Rwanda.

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Why a 'water war' over the Nile River won't happen

Instead of issuing harsh rhetoric, Egypt should work together with Ethiopia and endorse its dam-building programme.


The President and his Islamists: Friends no more in Sudan

Is Sudan's military-Islamist regime about to split, possibly with existential consequences?


Zenawi: The titan who changed Africa

Will the death of Zenawi destabilise the Horn of Africa and derail the African Union's agenda for peace and security?


The battle for the soul of the Islamic world

Islamists and Salafis have been battling for prominence in forging new political realities in the Islamic world.


Sudan's war of attrition

Understanding the game of geopolitical poker between the Sudans requires studying the splits in al-Bashir's cabinet.