Galip Dalay

Galip Dalay is a senior associate fellow on Turkey and Kurdish Affairs at the Al Jazeera Centre for Studies and research director at Al Sharq Forum.


The Gulf crisis: Royal ambitions and shaky alliances

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are trying to solve their legitimacy issues by forming an anti-Qatari bloc.

Battle for Aleppo

No peace in sight in Syria

Despite the fall of Aleppo and the Russian-Turkish-Iranian diplomatic drive, the Syrian war is not about to end soon.

European Union

The Turkey-EU fallout

Can relations between the EU and Turkey be mended?

Syria's Civil War

Turkey's Jarablus operation scorecard

Turkey and the US still take very different positions on the fighting Kurdish forces in Syria.


From sporadic to systematic ISIL attacks in Turkey

Wedding bombing highlights need to find a political settlement to the Syrian crisis and Turkey's Kurdish issue.

Turkey attempted coup

Turkey: Let's close the chapter of coups

The government should have a well-developed plan for dealing with the country's major issues.


The people defeated the coup in Turkey

When people of all persuasions stood against it, they turned a dark night into a bright morning for Turkish democracy.

Business & Economy

Brexit may be a good thing for Turkey

After Brexit, Turkey and Europe should focus on what is workable for them.


Why Turkey is mending ties with old foes

The recalibration of Turkish foreign policy has nothing to do with the departure of Ahmet Davutoglu.

Middle East

Turkey can't avoid new post-Arab Spring mindset

Occupied with old fears, Turkey must not lose sight of the bigger picture of the Arab uprisings.

War & Conflict

Turkey's terrifying challenges after Istanbul attack

This attack appears intended at disrupting Turkey's tourism industry by depicting the country as unsafe.

Humanitarian crises

Turkey's Kurdish issue: From peace to low intensity-war

The clashes between the PKK and the Turkish military have spread to urban centres, making thousands flee their homes.