Gabriel Elizondo

"Gabriel Elizondo, based in Sao Paulo, has over 16 years of journalism experience, starting his career as a newspaper journalist before migrating to television and the web.

He has produced several long-form documentaries from Latin America for Al Jazeera and has reported from virtually every corner of Brazil, with a specialty in Amazon rain forest and human rights issues. He reports for television and the web. He holds a bachelor's degree in international security and conflict resolution, and a master's degree in global finance and trade."

United States

US Republican wins Montana vote despite assault charge

Voters in the US state of Montana have elected a new member to Congress who is facing an assault charge. Republican Greg Gianforte narrowly won the vote just hours after being charged with attacking a reporter.

US & Canada

New York skyscraper developers face high air-rights costs

With $330m in air rights bought and sold in the last two years alone, New York is considered a trailblazer in the market and now other global mega cities are following suit.

US & Canada

Will Trump pull US back from the UN climate deal?

In a follow-up to the landmark 2015 Paris accord, the UN climate change conference will take place in the German city of Bonn on Monday.

United States

Americans divided on President Trump's first 100 days

One of President Donald Trump's key campaign pledges was to jump-start the US economy. But figures out on Friday show first quarter growth was the weakest in three years. Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports from Pueblo County, Colorado

US & Canada

Museum of the American Revolution opens in Philadelphia

The museum hopes to show a side of the war, also known as the American War of Independence, rarely found in textbooks.

Latin America

Brazil corruption probe: Football stadiums under scrutiny

Brazil's biggest ever corruption inquiry has now turned its attention to the country's beloved football stadiums.

US & Canada

New York gallery puts refugee backpacks, belongings on display

Personal items abandoned by migrants and refugees on their journey to the United States have made their way to an art exhibition in New York.

Latin America

Brazil's elections on the horizon, amid ongoing corruption cases

Brazil will hold presidential elections in October next year. But right now times are tough, the economy is weak and Brazil is politically unstable.

Latin America

Brazil braces for yellow fever outbreak

Brazil is facing its worst yellow fever outbreak in 40 years. There are nearly 600 confirmed cases in humans. Another 450 are being investigated. Most cases have been confined to a couple of states in the southeast.

Latin America

Brazil court to decide President Temer's fate

Brazil's President Michel Temer could be stripped of power if an electoral court invalidates the results from the 2014 presidential election over allegations of corruption.

US & Canada

Sesame Street addresses autism with new character

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the US. The popular children’s television series Sesame Street is looking to remove the stigma attached to the disorder.

US & Canada

US: NYC hit 'fearless girl' statue to remain through February

The latest entertainment hit in New York is not a play, or a musical - it is a statue. 'Fearless Girl' was only meant to be a temporary fixture. But she's such a crowd pleaser that they are allowing her to stay a while longer.