Edgardo Buscaglia

Dr Edgardo Buscaglia is a Senior Law and Economics Scholar at Columbia University in New York, USA and the President of the Institute for Citizens' Democracy and Rule of Law in Mexico. He directs field teams with experience since 1990 in 114 countries worldwide advising public authorities and civil societies on combatting and preventing the expansion of criminal networks. 

Latin America

Gasolinazo protests: The symptom of a bigger crisis

Mexico is seeing yet another wave of protests and violence and gas shortages are not the real problem.

Latin America

Mexico: Neither Pax Mafiosa, nor rule of law

The post-authoritarian political system in Mexico has become a violent symbiosis of organised crime and politics.


Privatising Mexico's oil industry spells disaster

In the absence of strong state institutions, the privatisation of Mexico's oil industry will be disa