Daniel Hind

Business & Economy

Ello, is it me you're looking for?

Ello's arrival may mark the beginning of a kinder, gentler era in social media.


Is Britain only for the rich?

Scotland vote raises questions about the relationship between the state and the people in an age of

US & Canada

The limits of the technical fix

Britain's rulers are under intense and growing pressure and technology and intelligence will not help them.

Science & Technology

Life after Facebook

What would an alternative to Facebook look like? Where would it come from?


Speak for yourself!

The non-immigrant working class in northern Europe have become figures of fun and objects of derision in the media.

US & Canada

The problem with radical republicanism

There is more to being human than mere citizenship, whether you are an anarchist, a socialist or a social democrat.


What is London?

Why is London so popular with foreign-born billionaires?


The Charter of the Internet

Is internet freedom imagined or real?


Scottish independence and the English question

The Scots are slowly turning away from the ambiguities and consolations of Britain.


Revolving doors: When shaping the truth trumps telling it

The exodus of journalists lured by better pay in the corporate communications field is destroying the news industry.