Christopher R Hill


After Kim Jong-il

Has Kim Jong-il's death created a new opportunity for dialogue between the US, South Korea, China and North Korea?


A shift from the Middle East to the Pacific

The US should balance the need for responsible military drawdowns in Iraq and Afghanistan, says the author.


The personal ties that bind

The Congress-approved free trade deal is expected to bring the leaders of the US and South Korea closer together.


The Arab Spring's unintended consequences

In Iraq, sectarian violence continues to flare - this year being the costliest for the US since the 2007 surge.


Beyond NATO's Libyan redemption

The real test for NATO is to achieve a successful, politically stable regime with enduring peace.


The fiscal isolationism of the United States

The US budget crisis hurt its citizens, but will also impact the country's foreign policy.


NATO must prevail

NATO must be trusted and supported in the event of war and conflict, as vulnerable countries have much to lose.


Arab Spring shifts focus from 'peace process'

Despite post-revolution time spent restructuring countries, Israeli-Palestinian peace remains key to the Middle East.


Advise and relent: Working toward democracy

Countries transitioning to democracy require long term development capacity, not just lectures from Western governments.

Humanitarian crises

Food for thought in North Korea

Officials in Seoul face a choice: Whether or not to use starvation as a weapon to bring down the regime to its north.