Charlotte Silver

War & Conflict

Israeli war crimes get a pass

Blatant war crimes on Gaza clinic, in response to the death of an Israeli soldier, have gone unacknowledged.

War & Conflict

Israel's twist on international law

Israel's laws are meant to save them from the past and protect them from the future.


Killing by another means

Israeli policies and unhealthy environment to blame for premature mortality of Palestinians.

US & Canada

When 'human intelligence' is just racism

Should airports really opt for more personal screening of passengers?


Good torture, bad torture

Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo victims of torture seek justice in US courts.

US & Canada

Policing the US police

How can racism in police practices be curbed?


In Palestine and Israel, there are no 'clashes'

A video shows two Palestinian boys were killed in calm circumstances, not in 'clashes'.


Israel's water miracle that wasn't

Covering up a crime in plain sight: The dual function of Israel's water industry.

Poverty & Development

Weaponising US schools

Though US education budgets are being slashed, security presence in schools is on the rise.


Recognising the Jewish state

For the current Israeli government, what makes a Israel a Jewish state, is if the Palestinian leadership agree it is.

US & Canada

US criminal justice system: Turning a profit on prison reform?

Lobbying groups for commercial enterprises are hoping new sentencing laws would translate into higher profits.


The politics of agony: Lynne Stewart

It is time to release Lynne Stewart on compassionate grounds, argues Charlotte Silver.