Camelia Entekhabifard


Iranians want change through the ballot box

Regardless of who runs the government or enters parliament, a sense of stability is what Iranians are looking for.


Nuclear deal promises a bright future for Iranians

The landmark deal with world powers will eventually relieve Iran from long-standing sanctions.


Obama's big sell at Camp David

Obama's biggest challenge is convincing the Gulf countries that Iran is not a threat.


Iranians: Will they be the lion or the fox?

Iranians embrace #NailTheDeal hashtag campaign in support of an agreement over the nuclear talks in Lausanne.


Rouhani's career in the balance over nuclear deal

Iranian president's election linked to his success at talks so, if they fail, he may find himself in jeopardy.


Iran nuke deal is no bargain

Iranians are looking for a bargain in Vienna - but pushing too hard for a bargain can backfire.


Iran nuclear talks: Who's the real loser?

China and Russia have much at stake if the sanctions-weary people of Iran get what they're hoping for.


The ayatollah's unkept promises

It's been a long, cold winter for Iranians who fell for Khomeini's lofty promises of a better future 35 years ago.