Bina Shah


The vagaries of Pakistan's cybercrime law

Some regulation of the internet is in order, but Pakistan's cybercrime law goes too far.

US Elections 2016

Can Hillary Clinton change gender roles in politics?

It's hard to see Clinton giving up the opportunity to secure her presidency with hawkishness.

Poverty & Development

Angelina Jolie and the quest to stop women's abuse

Let any celebrity join her in her fight to bring awareness of what happens to women in warzones.

Human Rights

Malala Yousafzai: Pakistan's divisive figure

If the media inside Pakistan had been savvy, they could have recognised Malala as a symbol of resistance and resilience.


How social media is failing Pakistan's women

Instances of online harassment, abuse, and blackmail highlight the need for protecting the vulnerable.


The high-risk strategy of Muslim reformers

From Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Maajid Nawaz, the Islamophobia industry preys on the painful experiences of Muslims.

War & Conflict

Sufism won't solve Pakistan's problems

Using Sufism to counter religious terrorism is not the solution to Pakistan's problems - and it's risky.

Human Rights

Want to end sexual violence against women? Fix the men

A crisis of masculinity needs to be addressed in order to see a reduction in sexual violence against

Poverty & Development

Boko Haram beyond Nigeria: Girls' education under threat

A futile debate about Islamism takes focus away from the assault of religious extremism on girls' education.