Antonia Zerbisias

US & Canada

Canada at risk of sinking in Trump's political tsunami

Neighbouring nations Canada and the US head into an economic storm caused by the US election.

Business & Economy

Time to put Russia-Canada tensions in the deep freeze

The Trudeau government recognises that climate change is the real threat to Canada's Arctic sovereignty.


Canada: Trudeau's global brand is a hot commodity

Could Canada be cashing in its reputation as a defender of human rights to score international trade?


Is having anti-Canadian values a Canadian value?

Canada is again caught up in an immigration controversy which calls for screening potential newcomers for their beliefs.


Thanks for the memories, Stephen Harper

As former PM Stephen Harper quits parliament, his legacy is more of a gift to Conservatives than to Canadians.


What Toronto's Rob Ford tells us about Donald Trump

For four years, one of North America's largest cities turned into a circus.


Donald Trump prompts Americans to look north

Does Canada have a special visa for American liberal cowards?


Canada jumps on the anti-BDS bandwagon

The motion to condemn BDS can pass constitutional muster, but Canadians will be intimidated into total silence now.

Business & Economy

Collapsed oil price leaves a bleak future for Canada

Now that the price of oil has tanked, it's painfully clear how deep a hole Stephen Harper has drilled for Canada.

Human Rights

Canada: Is it still 'good for the Jews'?

Last week began with a "tough message" for Israel from the Trudeau government and ended with lifting sanctions on Iran.

Human Rights

Sponsor Syrian Refugee - Canada's top Google search

Sponsoring a Syrian refugee is all the rage in Canada.

War & Conflict

Note to world leaders: This is how to welcome refugees

Canada welcomes a small group of refugees but its telegenic new PM puts on a big show.