Anmol Saxena


India: More than half of undertrials are Dalits, Muslims and tribals

More than 55 percent of undertrials in India are either Muslims, Dalits or tribals, according to official data.


Sacred cows and India's caste carcass

Demonstrations are growing in Gujarat state with Dalits leaving dead cows at government offices after caste beatings.


Loud and clear, Indian students send message of freedom

Released from jail on bail, student leader Kanhaiya Kumar delivers impassioned speech about what freedom means in India.


New Delhi campus row grabs national attention

Jawaharlal Nehru University at the centre of storm after student leader's arrest after "anti-India" demonstration.


India's ruling party suffers setback in key state poll

State election gains rare national attention as Prime Minister Modi's ruling party suffers loss.


Silence speaks as India bans rape film

One of India's biggest TV stations goes mono-colour in protest over the banning of a documentary about rape.


High expectations for India's much anticipated budget

It remains to be seen if the government's economic programme will reflect a good economic vision or a bad political one.


Delhi's new Valentine

India's capital begins a relationship with a new brand of politics synonymous with the Common Man Party.


It is AAP all the way in Delhi

Delhi votes strongly in favour of anti-corruption AAP in state elections as supporters celebrate the victory loudly.


Is Modi's magic fading?

Right-wing BJP party faces tough challenge from India's anti-corruption party which is predicted to win Delhi elections.


2014: The year of Narendra Modi

India's prime minister won different battles by demolishing old images and creating new imprints.


India eyes profit in yoga's soft power

The business potential of the globally popular ancient practice makes the newly created ministry easier to justify.