Alia Brahimi

Alia Brahimi is a specialist in terrorism and political trends in the Middle East and North Africa.

Battle for Mosul

ISIL after Mosul: Insurgency and rivalry

As the battle for Mosul reaches its final stages, what we are witnessing is ISIL's transformation, not its demise.

Battle for Aleppo

From the rubble of Aleppo, ISIL rises

Through distraction, rival elimination and fears of the Sunni population, ISIL seizes opportunities of Aleppo's war.

War & Conflict

Aleppo and the myth of Syria's sovereignty

The narrative of sovereignty by the Syrian government is based on a number of myths.

War & Conflict

ISIL may be in crisis, but so is the coalition

The group's current battlefield losses will not automatically translate into meaningful victories for the coalition.

War & Conflict

What strategy for Tikrit, Mosul and beyond?

To bring meaningful progress against ISIL, the 'spring offensive' must serve a broader political strategy.


Gaza: No innocent victims?

A destructive mindset among Israelis justifies violence against Palestinians.


Unleash diplomacy, not missiles, in Syria

Responding only to the use of chemical weapons ignores the fundamental dynamics behind the violence.


Supreme emergency at Guantanamo Bay

Closing Guantanamo will not only free 166 souls, but liberate the US from the strains of moral hypocrisy, writes author.


Iraq: 'You didn't fall… we pushed you'

The Iraq invasion cannot be reasonably described as a case of "humanitarian intervention", argues Brahimi.


Syria: Talks or a fight to the end?

Both the United States and Russia have laid out their political stakes when it comes to negotiating with Assad.


Al-Qaeda resurgent?

An increasingly disarrayed al-Qaeda is taking advantage of the Arab Spring and sowing chaos - even among themselves.


Half-light in Syria

Millions of civilians, through no act or contract of their own, are now ensnared in an urban war, writes Brahimi.