Ali Saad

French elections 2017

Can the Muslim vote sway the French elections?

In case of a runoff between Marine Le Pen and another candidate, the Muslim electorate will rally behind her opponent.


French elections: Manufacturing consent

By openly supporting Macron's candidacy, mainstream media in France is failing ethical standards of objectivity.


The Francois Fillon affair: France's sick democracy

This affair reflects the very essence of a system dominated by ruling elite that serves its own financial interests.


Justice for Theo: Who can protect us from the police?

The violent police assault on Theo is yet another example of the systemic police brutality in France's suburbs.


France and the impossible Trump domino effect

Although many have voiced fears that a Trump scenario can happen in France, a Marine Le Pen victory is highly unlikely.


The other Bob Dylan

Dylan's silence and support for the Israeli oppressor makes a mockery of his stature as an "angry humanitarian".


Is France still a secular state?

There is an urgent need to lay the foundation for a genuine social cohesion while respecting citizens' diversity.


Why is Tariq Ramadan demonised in France?

Tariq Ramadan challenges the racist stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims promoted by the French ruling oligarchy.


What's left of the French left?

French socialism has turned into another electoral machine that excels only at manufacturing empty slogans.


The Paris attacks and the failure of the republic

The French government must review its policies towards poor, disadvantaged neighbourhoods.


Will France take Sarkozy back?

Does the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy have any real hope of getting his old job back?


Gaza through the distorted lens of French media

French media has disproportionately favoured the narrative of the Israeli government in its coverage