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War & Conflict

Six must-read opinions on Syria's sixth war anniversary

On the day of the sixth anniversary of the civil war, here are the opinions that shed light on what happened in Syria.

US & Canada

Trouble for Trump: Iran, North Korea, Palestine, China

Experts weigh in on four foreign policy areas where Trump's administration might run into trouble.

US Elections 2016

Eight must-read opinions on the US elections

Here are the opinions you should read on the election day.

US Elections 2016

US election: What does the rest of the world think?

Opinion writers from across different continents reflect on the US election.

War & Conflict

Forum: How can Palestinians legally fight occupation?

Experts say the question is not about Palestine's right to resist, but about holding Israel accountable for its crimes.


Turkey roundtable: War at two fronts?

Experts evaluate Turkey's recent incursions against the ISIL and the PKK.


Analysis: The many truths about the Syrian conflict

Analysts discuss propaganda employed by the Syrian regime and opponents, as the war for international support rages on.


Is the wall still in our minds?

Jan Beyer and Friederike Koppe grew up on opposite sides of a newly unified Germany.


Why has Nigeria failed to contain Boko Haram?

Casmir Igbokwe, Zainab Usman, Ikechukwu Amaechi, and Muhammad Kabir Isa discuss the challenges of co


What next for Egypt's new president?

Nathan Brown, Dalia Fahmy, Karim Abadir and Omar Ashour comment on the challenges Egypt's new president will face.


What is the future of the Palestinian national movement?

Ghada Karmi, Ilan Pappe, Ali Abunimah and other experts discuss the unity deal and failure of negoti


UN vote and reconciliation in Sri Lanka

Experts debate whether UN resolution will help bring reconciliation between majority Sinhala community and Tamils.