Ahmed Rashid


Russia and Pakistan slowly move towards an embrace

Or, how Russia got a warm-water port without firing a shot.


Brexit: What does it mean for the rest of the world?

The danger is that further fragmentation could be formalised by minority groups calling for a referendum worldwide.

Human Rights

Is China changing its policy towards Uighur Muslims?

Neighbouring states are questioning China's ability to treat its Uighur population fairly and halt terrorism.


Afghan peace talks: Pakistan's credibility on the line

If the Afghan civil war worsens, Pakistan's allies China and the US will lose faith in Islamabad's intentions.


The Afghan battlefield has become more complicated

There are deep tribal, religious and traditional impediments for ISIL to make headway in Afghanistan.

Human Rights

The need for civil society in Pakistan

Battle against extremism can't be won without a transparent strategy that involves civil society.


Russia and reconciliation in Afghanistan

Every country in the world believes that a military victory against the Taliban is now impossible.


Pakistan and state failure: Waiting for justice

Can Pakistan's future be decided by more military-civilian wrestling or is joint action against extremism possible?