Abdi Ismail Samatar

War & Conflict

From a failed elite to a farce in Somalia

What has the current regime in Somalia achieved in the two years of its existence?


Defeating al-Shabab and dismembering Somalia

Will the current strategy of the Somali government and the international community bring peace to Somalia?


Can South Africa lead Africa?

The upcoming elections in South Africa might be an opportunity for change in the country and the whole continent.


Central Africa crisis: Cherchez La France

A bitter colonial legacy and mismanagement of state power are key factors behind the violence in the CAR


A new deal for Somalia: How can it work?

The author serves up a five step plan to help achieve the goals set forth at the Brussels conference on Somalia.


The Nairobi massacre and the genealogy of the tragedy

Years of Kenyan intervention in southern Somalia tragically culminated in the Westgate bloodbath, Samatar writes.


Obama's Africa rhetoric: Beware!

President Obama's symbolic visit to Africa will not usher any paradigm-shifting policies, writes Abdi Samatar.


African Union: Between hope and despair

There are few leaders left in Africa who are capable of steering the continent into a better direction.


The Kenyan election and political double talk

There is a large gulf between the rhetoric of the presidential candidates and the reality of politics in Kenya.


South Africa's critical turning point

Corruption and lack of national direction of a post-Mbeki ANC have become the features of the liberation party.

US & Canada

Africa's 'Dome of Shame'

If African governments "allow their people to learn by doing", Africans will build their "monuments of glory".


Meles Zenawi's legacy for the Horn of Africa

Zenawi's regime will be remembered for holding Ethiopia together as one country even under the centripetal ethnic order.